Wild Caught

Some farmed sea cucumber claim to be wild, but they aren’t.  Atlantic Sea Cucumber Ltd. Sea cucumber is guaranteed to be 100% wild caught. The nutritional profile of wild sea cucumber is superior to that of farmed sea cucumber.

Canadian Atlantic

Farmed sea cucumbers are susceptible to exposure to heavy metals.  Because Atlantic Sea Cucumber Limited’s Canadian sea cucumbers are caught in remote Nova Scotian Atlantic waters our sea cucumbers contain no harmful heavy metals.

Excellent Nutrition

Low in fat, but high in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, sea cucumber is far healthier than shark fin.  Sea cucumbers also contain glycosaminoglycans which have been shown to have immune boosting and anti-aging benefits.

Our wild Canadian sea cucumber products list This is what makes our Candian sea cucumber Better

Dry skin with meat, ready to cook.

Dry Skin with meat, butterfly cut.

Sliced skin, ready to cook.

Dry skin, without meat.

Dry, whole sea cucumber.

Our Products

Canadian Sea Cucumber nutrition

  Atlantic Sea Cucumber Ltd. brand of Canadian wild sea cucumber enhance longevity, eliminate fatigue, and boost the body’s immune system. Sea cucumbers contain 18 amino acids that have positive effects on metabolism, enhancing cell vitality. Sea cucumbers can help regulate the body’s water balance and are suitable for reducing swelling in the legs and feet during pregnancy. Because sea cucumbers have been shown to eliminate fatigue, and improve the body's ability to resist disease, it can be used to provide relief from general fatigue or physical weakness.

Atlantic Sea Cucumbers Ltd. brand of Canadian sea cucumbers have an anti-cancer effect as well as strengthening the heart.  

Nutritional Information
butterfly cut sea cucumber skin
Sea cucumber dry skin with meat
Whole dry sea cucumber
dry sea cucumber skin
slice sea cucumber ready to cook
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